4th Marine Aircraft Wing
Active since 1948
Country Allied States of Western Weyard
Type Marine Aircraft Wing
Motto Flying high
Commanding Officer Major General Noah Bartlet
Aircraft flown
Attack AV-10A, A-36C, FA-50A/B
EA-36B, EA-50C
Fighter F/A-50A/B
Attack helicopter AH-16Z
Cargo helicopter CH-74A
Multirole helicopter MV-101B
Utility helicopter UH-16Z
Transport KC-145A

Subordinate Units Edit

  • Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 4
  • Marine Aircraft Group 41
    • VMFA-411 (FA-50A "Corsair")
    • VMFA-412 (FA-50B "Corsair")
    • VMFA-413 (FA-50A "Corsair")
    • VMFA-414 "Roughriders" (FA-50A "Corsair")
    • VMFA-415 (FA-50A "Corsair")
    • VMFA-416 (FA-50B "Corsair")
  • Marine Aircraft Group 42
    • VMA-421 (A-36C "Avenger")
    • VMA-422 (A-36C "Avenger")
    • VMA-423 (A-36C "Avenger")
    • VMA-424 (A-36C "Avenger")
    • VMAQ-425 (EA-36B "Super Tracker", EA-50C "Buccaneer")
    • VMAQ-426 (EA-36B "Super Tracker", EA-50C "Buccaneer")
  • Marine Aircraft Group 43
    • VMA-431 (AV-10A "Shrike")
    • VMA-432 (AV-10A "Shrike")
    • VMA-433 (AV-10A "Shrike")
    • VMA-434 (AV-10A "Shrike")
    • VMA-435 (AV-10A "Shrike")
    • VMA-436 (AV-10A "Shrike")
  • Marine Aircraft Group 44
    • HMLA-441 (AH-16Z "Super Orca", UH-16Z "Super Dolphin")
    • HMLA-442 (AH-16Z "Super Orca", UH-16Z "Super Dolphin")
    • HMLA-443 (AH-16Z "Super Orca", UH-16Z "Super Dolphin")
    • HMLA-444 (AH-16Z "Super Orca", UH-16Z "Super Dolphin")
    • HMH-445 (CH-74A "Ashla")
    • HMH-446 (CH-74A "Ashla")
    • HMH-447 (CH-74A "Ashla")
    • HMH-448 (CH-74A "Ashla")
  • Marine Aircraft Group 45
    • VMM-451 (MV-101B "Harpy")
    • VMM-452 (MV-101B "Harpy")
    • VMM-453 (MV-101B "Harpy")
    • VMM-454 (MV-101B "Harpy")
    • VMM-455 (MV-101B "Harpy")
    • VMM-456 (MV-101B "Harpy")
    • VMM-457 (MV-101B "Harpy")
    • VMM-458 (MV-101B "Harpy")
  • Marine Air Control Group 46
  • Marine Wing Support Group 47

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