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CVN Sovereign

Overview Edit

  • Name: ANS Destiny
  • Hull classification number: CVN-90
  • Motto: Destiny leads the way!
  • Nickname: The White Lady
  • Callsign: White Lady
  • Commanding officer: Captain Dylara Liosa
  • Commander, Air Group: Captain Nathan Graves
  • Displacement: 382.000 t
  • Length: 575 m (Waterline)/ 587,3 m (Flight deck)
  • Width: 65 m (Waterline)/ 148,5 m (Flight deck)
  • Draft: 15 m
  • Maximum speed: ~32,5 kn
  • Complement: 6.750 + 6.500
  • Aircraft carried: Up to 175

History Edit

Carrier Strike Group Destiny Edit

  • Commanding officer: Vice Admiral Dan Gruber
  • Cruiser Squadron Five:
    • ANS Garuda (CAGN-11)
    • ANS Thunderer (CG-66)
    • ANS Juno (CG-78)
    • ANS Raven (CG-79)
  • Frigate Squadron Seven:
    • ANS Nova (FFG-140)
    • ANS Flare (FFG-153)
    • ANS Glint (FFG-161)
    • ANS Shadow (FFG-167)
  • Special Warfare Squadron Two:
    • ANS Krulak (LCS-9)
    • ANS Brown (AWS-10)
    • ANS Webb (AWS-12)
  • ANS Vale (SSN-858)
  • ANS Daila (SSN-887)
  • ANS Sealion (SSN-906)
  • ANS Typhon Expanse (SSGN-21)
  • ANS Ramirez (AKE-7)
  • ANS Voyager (AO-201)

Carrier Air Wing Five Edit

Tact. number Squadron Nickname Aircraft type Callsign
0100 VF-21 Archangels F-44A "Hellcat" Seraph
0200 VF-44 Firebirds F-44A "Hellcat" Phoenix
0300 VFA-14 FA-50A "Corsair"
0400 VFA-45 Garudas FA-50B "Corsair" Garuda
0500 VFA-107 Lancers FA-50A "Corsair" Lancer
0600 VFA-216 FA-50A "Corsair"
0700 VMFA-414 Roughriders FA-50A "Corsair" Teddy
0800 VMFA-315 FA-50B "Corsair"
0900 VA-12 Scorpions A-36C "Avenger" Stinger
1000 VMA-126 Dambusters A-36C "Avenger" Lancaster
1100 VAQ-334 Shadowhawks EA-50C "Buccaneer"
EA-36B "Super Tracker"
1200 VAQ-400 EA-50C "Buccaneer"
EA-36B "Super Tracker"
1300 VAW-7 Guardians E-14A "Skyeye" Sentry
1400 VAW-39 E-14A "Skyeye"
1500 VS-48 S-14A "Barracuda"
1600 VS-173 Watchmen S-14A "Barracuda" Watcher
1700 VK-402 K-14A
1800 VK-407 K-14A
1900 HS-84 MH-51E "Seastar"
2000 VRC-11 Providers C-14A "Hauler" Provider

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