Overview Edit

  • Name: ANS Kira
  • Hull classification number: CVN-79
  • Motto: !
  • Nickname: Freedom Fighter
  • Callsign: Freedom Fighter
  • Commanding officer: Captain Martin Toombs
  • Commander, Air Group: Captain Kai Schneider
  • Displacement: 177.000 t
  • Length: 400 m (Waterline)/ 418 m (Flight deck)
  • Width: 50 m (Waterline)/ 100 m (Flight deck)
  • Draft: 13 m
  • Maximum speed: ~32,5 kn
  • Complement: 4.315 + 3.000
  • Aircraft carried: Up to 90

History Edit

Carrier Strike Group Kira Edit

  • Commanding officer: Rear Admiral Hannah Richards
  • Cruiser Squadron Twelve:
    • ANS Phoenix (CAGN-7)
    • ANS Exeter (CG-59)
    • ANS Defiant (CG-65)
    • ANS Rover (CG-80)
  • Frigate Squadron Fourteen:
    • ANS Equinox (FFG-150)
    • ANS Corona (FFG-159)
    • ANS Haze (FFG-170)
    • ANS Dawn (FFG-177)
  • ANS Madra (SSN-832)
  • ANS Kolima (SSN-861)
  • ANS Garrett (AKE-5)
  • ANS Journeyman (AO-203)

Carrier Air Wing Twenty-One Edit

Tact. number Squadron Nickname Aircraft type Callsign
0100 VF-101 Cougars F-44A "Hellcat" Cougar
0200 VFA-29 Warhammers FA-50A "Corsair" Hammer
0300 VFA-60 Ravens FA-50B "Corsair" Blackbird
0400 VFA-219 Buccaneers FA-50A "Corsair" Buck
0500 VA-77 Blue Blasters A-36C "Avenger" Blaster
0600 VAQ-411 Thunderhawks EA-50C "Buccaneer"
EA-36B "Super Tracker"
0700 VAW-42 Eyes of the Fleet E-14A "Skyeye" Eyeball
0800 VS-61 Hunters S-14A "Barracuda" Hunter
0900 VK-401 Flying Nannys K-14A Nanny
1000 HS-21 Vikings MH-51E "Seastar" Viking
1100 VRC-21 Gringos C-14A "Hauler" Gringo

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