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Name Type Armament Image
M417A1 APC Armored personnel carrier 1x RMG50 or M47 AGL, 13 infantry
M417A1 APC
M418A1 FSV Fire support vehicle 30 mm autocannon, 1 x M451 machine gun
M419A1 MC Mortar carrier 1 x RMG50, 1 x M120 mortar
M420A1 TD Tank destroyer 1 x M451 GPMG, 12 x "Dragon H" ATGM
M421A1 MEDEVAC Ambulance
M422A1 CV Command vehicle 1 x RMG50
M423A1 FIST Forward observer vehicle 1 x RMG50
M424A1 TACRA Tactical radar 1 x M451 GPMG
M425A1 NBCRV NBC reconnaissance vehicle 1 x RMG50
M426A1 EWV Electronic warfare vehicle 1 x M451 GMPG
M427A1 ARV Armored recovery vehicle 1 x M451 GPMG
M428A1 MCV Minelaying and -clearing vehicle 1 x M451 GPMG
M429A1 ADV SPAAG 35mm revolver cannon, 8 x SAM
M44A1 Procne AGS Light tank 120mm L44 smoothbore gun, 1 x RMG50
M44 Procne AGS

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